About us

Hello and welcome to Bosca Roots.

Bosca Roots pays homage to our last name, Della Bosca, which in Italian means "of the woods". Roots obviously has the connection with trees but we also like it as for us it means new, young and foundational. Educating and influencing children from a young age to connect with gratitude and some of the elements of the book will set them up for a strong foundation. Our focus is on this.

We are Lina, Nick and baby Emilia. We live in Perth Western Australia and this is our story.

We met in India while doing a Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh. We were each at crossroads and ultimately that was what lead us to India where we connected not only to ourselves once more but to many of the aspects contained within our first book, I am Grateful. The first page even states "I am grateful for the air I breathe" which we thought was fitting as we met at yoga school and a major focus within yoga is on the breath.  

In Rishikesh, we would always go down to the Ganges River and made friends with a local boy named Tulsi who sold flowers there. By the end of the course, we were going there every day and hanging out, teaching him and his friends, English, math and Lina was teaching them Spanish. They were keen photographers so they would borrow our phones or cameras (and took the below photos). 

A year later we got married. In earlier 2021 we welcomed our beautiful baby
girl, Emilia. 

About Lina - Lina is originally from Colombia. She has a bachelor in psychology and is currently seeking to get her accreditation here so that she can continue to connect and help those people seeking her out. Lina is passionate about mental health and has a course based on the principals of psychology. Lina is also a strong believer of manifestation and has experienced its power first hand. She believed that a key component of manifesting is gratitude particularly with what we have.

About Nick - Nick started on the traditional path and got to the point where he kept having the thought "there must be something more out there for me". This led him to start his journey in finding out what it was. He connected with nature and the oceans in the Philippines. From there he did a meditation retreat, a yoga teacher training and after that decided to do a hypnotherapy certification, which has turned into his passion. He loves to help people connect with themselves and in doing so transforming their lives for the better.

About Emilia - Emilia loves her sleep, enjoys her food and fill her nappies as is appropriate. Her smile and laugh makes us melt and brings a smile to strangers. More to come on her here.

As a family, we are passionate about helping people and the planet. We feel, the most important time to start educating ourselves about achieving this is as young as possible. That is why we have bought you these books and this message. We know the power of gratitude on our health, happiness and overall abundance and we want to share that message with you and your family. We look forward to seeing this concept become your reality. 

Thanks for supporting this adventure dreamed up by us. Let’s continue to build, share and grow the message and the power of gratitude as we keep writing our own love story together.

What are you grateful for today?

With all our love,

Lina, Nick and Emilia Della Bosca